About - SEO Agency


UK SEO Company with a touch of Digital Marketing

We are a lead generation focused SEO Agency in the UK with an eye for Digital Marketing that involves ranking clients websites and helping to generate leads for our clients.  Daviesis works across industries and sectors but we have a background in recruitment, finance, technology, property and real estate amongst others.

Based in the north west of England, Manchester we have a client base all around the UK and have worked and still work with clients internationally from Germany to the USA.  Originally operating from London until 2016, we have a large London client base.

SEO has changed over time and we offer a complete service we focus solely on driving our client more traffic and more business from the search engines.   We have sectors that we work in that we know extremely well and such as Finance, Property, Real Estate, Education, Communications but we have ranked and generated leads for clients in many different sectors.

We focus on the usability of a website and how it is user friendly for the visitor, which is so important for SEO and INDEED CONVERSION.   That is why we combine SEO with website development and often now focus on getting a website in the right place so it does convert and is accessible for the Search Engines.

Over time we have developed the service and offer a web design service and partner with other organisations across the UK from PR, Web Design, Social Media to branding allow the client greater access to services.

We want results, we get results and we get results for our clients.

In this case we do offer web design but only with the view of ranking a website and we have designed and made websites since 2013.   Websites we make are in wordpress all the way through to the Laravel Framework and if you would like to discuss this with us please do not hesitate to contact us.