Frequently Asked Questions

Not just a SEO Agency but a SEO Consultancy

1. Is the manual link building safe?

Of course, everything we do is manual and well within Google’s rules.  We don’t use Grey Hat nor Black Hat methods and the link we do is driven by content with no shortcuts for long-term results.

2. Can you do seo on Non-English websites?

We can and do, however, the majority of our clients are in the UK with some across the Atlantic in the USA but we can work on websites outside these countries and get the same results.  We do hire writers from the country you need SEO for depending upon the Search Engine for example.

3. Are the Links Done All At once

No, we do everything naturally and use Google properties to do this.  We build the links over time

4. Do you accept all kinds of websites?

Nothing illegal and sorry but no pornography.

5. Can I change the keywords or urls once you’ve started?

Of course and we advise you on this, in fact, you will see your website rank for keywords that you didn’t even intend to rank for if the content or kw’s are on your website.

6. Will I receive a report?

Yes of course, you can monitor and watch everything that is going on.