SEO Consultancy

We do offer a SEO Consultancy model as well as a done for you SEO with many clients actually preferring this route. The SEO Consultancy model is a good route for those with an in-house team or a client who wants to do the SEO themselves but need help and direction.

This could be with…

  • Overall Strategy
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content
  • Link Building

We advise directly on this through online tools to Skype, Zoom and monitoring the campaign and even analysing the campaign We Advise and set out a SEO strategy for you to follow…

It’s not too different from the SEO Agency model at the beginning, as we do the Audit or SEO Briefing Period as I like to call it and then move to the client on boarding. The client on boarding is where we gather all your information such as Google Analytics so we can analyse what is going on and what we need to do and how your website is reacting.

We keep in mind how you are moving in the SERPS and how your website is reacting putting into place a dynamic strategy for you to follow as we move forward.

We also put into a play meetings where we book you in either for an hour once a week, month and can go through what is happening and outline what you need to do, to reach the objectives set out. As mentioned this often a preferred method to work for clients and that is the way that want to work bearing in mind that some clients want to do as much as possible.

The difference for the Consultancy set up is that we advise and you do, where as in the SEO Agency model, we do and do everything.

SEO Consultancy UK based

is based in the UK but serves clients throughout the world from London to San Francisco. Over the years we have often served clients predominately online in terms of meetings and reporting. The Covid19 pandemic has naturally moved us completely online and this is how we going to continue moving into the future so no matter where you are, we can advise.