SEO for Interior Design

One of our first clients was an interior designer in Cheshire that also did a lot of work in curtain making as well as other areas in interior design. Established business for over 40 years, their presence online, apart from a good looking website, was pretty mediocre..

They hardly got any online bookings and they relied on people coming through the door in their showroom, in short, they got very little business online. So, when we went in we focused on getting them moving locally and looking at long-tail keywords for national rankings

This was all so we could build their traffic and get in front of their potential new customers searching for there services online. The first thing that we did, make sure the website had something to offer, that actually turned into leads…

…in this case, it was a Free Consultation or Curtain Measurement…this allowed us to create a sales funnel where the customer would and could book a time and day for the consultation, we even introduced some coding work where it would systematically go into the Interior Designers calendar and booking system. In effect it was automated.

How we improved the traffic, SEO and Generate more leads

Long tail keywords, which is a pretty standard strategy, was a case of looking for keywords with low competition in the search engines competing on a phrase but had a good amount of people searching for it, search volume. This also helped as it would allow the Interior Designer to express themselves with content and explain ideas as they would do to a customer. In effect it meant the blog became the engine room for the website, helping drive the website forward in Google.

The blog helped generate more interest in the service as well and we put a full-time copywriter on the blog to help do this….

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We then introduced a strategy of only looking for backlinks that were relevant to the industry and would be beneficial to the reader, therefore avoiding any spam backlink building and at all times trying to promote the service.

The result being a very clean SEO white hat service.

We also introduced a Google local strategy of improving the map ranking, so the Interior Designer was within a year ranking nationally and locally.

If your an interior designer or in that service sector, you can introduce this strategy yourself. However, if you wanted to discuss the above we are happy to do so