SEO for Recruitment Agencies looking to rank higher on Google

SEO for Recruitment Agencies

We started working with recruitment agencies way back in 2013, I only started the business in 2012 so this industry was the very first industry’s we ever worked with. If you had asked me back in 2010 if, I would end up doing SEO for the recruitment industries I would off laughed this off. Not because the market is too competitive or hard, (at the end of the day SEO is SEO) but because I always presumed that recruitment agencies and recruiters work by banging the phone and getting those contact going via cold and witty introductions. I presumed they would only get there business from telesales and cold calling.

Well I was wrong so never presume; at least I was for the ones I work with.

Back in 2013…A recruiter wants more leads

This was a period I didn’t have too much business and I was doing SEO for a kitchen design company in Cheshire, a sort of Interior Designer and a private education centre alongside others…the start-up days. Fortunately, I was gaining leads from the website and my Accountant use to take pity on me because of the effort I put in and where I wanted to go. He knew a recruiter who had started his own business in financial recruitment focusing on Directors and Executives.

Seo for recruitment agencies

I met him and didn’t think much before thinking I would have stress the virtues of doing SEO. I’m not a big believer in pitching people SEO, either they want to do it or not. If a client does it should be who’s the best fit for the job. Happily he was keen and already getting leads from Google Adwords so he knew that being on page 1 was going to get him… more leads.

I was also lucky here because although the client didn’t know too much about SEO, he knew a bit courtesy of Googling the basics, he already had an idea of the competitiveness and search volume of the markets or his niches keywords because he had done Adwords. So great, that helps from the kick off; he also cared about his website and knew that it could potential do him more business than having a team of 3 shouting down the telephone.

Never Presume

Now I didn’t know too much about recruiters or recruitment agencies apart from the fact I met an horrendous amount in my early 20s after leaving University in search of a job or footprint for a future. I presumed he wanted loads of CV’s people begging for jobs left right and centre and then he would be happy. Well he did want CV’s but as he pointed out to me, he would never be short of CV’s and job seekers and could acquire them even without the website, he wanted the people who were going to pay him for doing the job…he wanted the clients, the people asking him to head hunt and recruit.

In effect he wanted the SEO to help his recruitment agency get clients over the candidates which made sense, he was no different from any client I had or would get in the future, he wanted the SEO to make him money via the leads. Of course he would be his job to convert those leads but I could certainly rank him.

Candidate keywords and Client Keywords

So the brief was clear, get ranked organically to attract clients and secondly for the candidates. This meant the keyword research became easier and we had the knowledge of what was going on with the Adwords and how the leads came in per page. It meant we could rank on the keywords and where the client could generate the leads that he wanted from the SEO that we were doing.

We have since then grown and generated the leads for this client via SEO from simply ranking him organically and still doing so to this day, it’s now 2013 July. It has also allowed us to work with other recruitment agencies all across the UK in different markets from…

HR RecruitmentAccountancy RecruitmentProperty RecruitmentRecruitment to recruitment

All this is from getting a brief mapped out from the start. So the story to this is, apart from get a good accountant, SEO is SEO but make sure you get a brief from the client before you start. SEO for Recruitment Agencies is a sector with two sides, one for clients, ine for candidates.