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British made, British based, SEO Consultancy and SEO Agency but with clients in the UK and across the Globe, you could say International SEO, despite Brexit.   Established by Matt Davies, of DaviesIs, we offer nothing but quick, effective white hat SEO which is competitive but at the same time affordable SEO.  We get results and our clients get the leads and visibility from our work.

Unlike many SEO Agencies in London, Manchester, Birmingham to Paris and Rome we work with small and medium-size businesses, not just the large companies because we are affordable for UK prices and we do offer WHITE HATE SEO as we are WHITE HAT LINK BUILDERS.

In short, everything we do is legitimate for the SERPS and gets results.  We can’t promise page 1 rankings because that would be unethical as we don’t, unfortunately, run the Search Engines.  But what we can say, we always get page 1 rankings because our SEO is good and ethical from content-driven link building to broken backlink building.

We always generate leads for our clients.

We are a small set up and we won’t take everyone on because that would be madness.  However, if you have the budget and are focused and want the traffic to your brand, product or service then we are more than ready to work with you.

Oh yeah, we do also offer the free SEO audit as well but we are so much more than the others!

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Affordable SEO?

Let’s clarify this, we are an Affordable SEO Agency as we look to target businesses who can’t necessarily afford a London SEO Agency but do have a budget to do SEO.

We offer a full-service SEO campaign with the option of Website Development and our prices are affordable but not in comparison to say someone in the third world.  We are a British business that deliver on quality, high rankings, delivering leads to our clients at affordable prices in line with the market.

We are slightly lower in cost than say a well-known SEO Agency and our work is good, in fact, it’s very, very, very good.  The return you get on our work in potentially massive and that is why we are affordable in terms of SEO.  We are British based, British made and an SEO UK Agency.  So, we don’t charge third-world prices with respect and quite simply don’t have to and we only work with companies who want SEO and indeed need SEO.

In the long term, we are affordable because you get much more from us then we give to you due to greater visibility in the Search Engines and greater leads especially if your website converts, which is something we can help you with…the conversion that is.

So although we, not a £100 or £50 poor result SEO company, we are competitive, we are affordable and we do get results.